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The SFG Business Model

Symmetry Financial Group has created a business model and support system that will allow you to finally achieve the financial success and job satisfaction that you deserve. This is one place where it still remains true that if you work hard, play by the rules and “pay it forward”, you can achieve levels of success you may not have thought possible. Earn a six figure income as a field agent, or choose to develop an agency of your own where the sky truly is the limit – it’s up to you and we’ll help you every step of the way.
There are two basic types of income, TEMPORARY income and PERMANENT income. Temporary income is usually active income, meaning you do something once, and you get paid for it once. Permanent income means that you do something once and continue to get paid for it indefinitely. At SFG we can teach you not only to create permanent income, but we can teach you how to do it in a passive manner. Passive income means that you are creating revenue without personally doing the work! This is the true difference between someone that is self employed, and a business owner.
SFG provides a unique opportunity that is a business owner’s/entrepreneur’s goldmine, in that you have the ability to attain both types of income from day one using a proven business system. To put it simply, SFG can teach you how to own two bicycles…One to ride, and one to rent! We do this through something we call multi-dimensional franchising, and the path can lead to true wealth.
There are many definitions of wealth. Most people think wealth means money, but few think about their time. All the money in the world is great, but if you don’t have time to enjoy life then what is it really worth, right? Yes, true wealth, is a combination of both time AND money.
If you have the desire, then we have a way for you to create permanent, passive income giving you a way to make money whether you’re working or not! You can even do this on a part-time level in the beginning! As you are reading this, SFG has agents across the county who are making this happen! Join us today and get to know your new colleagues.
*Note: This is not a get rich quick scheme, and not a lottery ticket. If that’s what you were hoping for you are on the wrong web-site. It will take hard work, smart work, determination, the ability to solve problems, some aspirin for minor headaches, and above all leadership.

Two Simple Rules For Success:

Believe things can change Commit!
Almost without exception, everyone coming to this business is looking for a level of success that has eluded them, or they are trying to re-establish an income and a lifestyle that was lost to a personal economic hardship. You will be talking with many people who were exactly where you are right now, and they can tell you exactly what they did to reach their goals. First you must believe in your own abilities and stop taking half-steps in a hundred different directions, which brings us to the next rule... It's time to make a full commitment to your new game plan and never look back! If you want to find out what you are truly capable of and what your true earning potential is, you need to dedicate yourself to this opportunity and to those that are here to help you grow your business. You've heard it before, but it bears repeating - 90% of success is just showing up. There comes a point in time for each of us when we realize it's time to pull out all the stops and go full speed ahead. Are you ready?

You will never be alone

You will be mentored by an agency manager who reached their own high level of success using the exact same methods and practices they teach you. You will hear focused discussions every week from experts on topics ranging from how to get your business issued and paid quickly, to overcoming common objections, refining your sales presentation, managing your time more effectively, controlling the in-home interview and staying motivated. There is virtually no end to the wealth of knowledge and friendly advice that will be at your disposal.

The cornerstones of success:

  • Long established lead program designed to get you in the door fast with people who know exactly why you are there, and who want your help with the product selection and application process.
  • Time tested scripts for setting appointments and explaining the product features, benefits, and options. These are very natural scripts and you will be completely comfortable with them almost immediately.
  • Top rated carriers and products like mortgage protection that give you a competitive advantage by offering unique benefits, streamlined business processes, and some of the best rates in the industry.
  • Friendly, accessible managers whose success depend on helping you resolve issues quickly.